Chinese New Year

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Ladies and Gentleman please take your seats, Class One are off to China!

This week Class One have been learning about the celebration Chinese New Year and it’s traditions.

On Monday we got out the maps and atlases to see where in the world China is, we talked about the size of country and thought about how you would get there and how long it would take. After lunch the children collected their tickets and filled in their passports as the classroom was transformed into a plane ready to fly to China complete with sound effects! They took it in turns to be the pilot and navigator flying the very noisy and excited passengers to China, the air stewards did a great job of checking the tickets, showing people to their seats, serving food and giving safety announcements.

The children were also very keen to see what life in China is like, so we looked at photos of schools and houses in China and compared them to photos of Wootton school and the houses in the village, the children made some great observations. We used the iPads to research the children’s ideas and questions which included the weather, food, clothes and language. We practised how to use chop sticks, learnt how to say hello and enjoyed looking at books written in Chinese.


Class One learnt about the story behind the Chinese New Year celebrations and how each year is named after one of the twelve animals which feature in the Chinese zodiac, this year is the year of the dog. The children took turns to act out the story and awarding the animals medals to mark where they finished in the race. The children learnt to say happy new year in Mandarin and we talked about the importance of colours in China and how red is a lucky colour.

During Discover and Do time there were lots of different activities on offer including filling lucky red envelopes with money and giving them to friends, making dragons using different red and yellow materials and Chinese writing using paint and glitter.