Our children are taught by a team of dedicated and experienced staff, who lead the school in a spirit of willingness and co-operation. They work effectively as one team with the needs of each individual child a priority. Ongoing training enables staff to further develop their professional skills and support the School Development Plan.  Every member of staff plays a key role in making Wootton School the special place that it is.

Current Staff Members

Head Teacher: Mr Charlie Pitt


Little Gems

Teacher – Miss Klepac

Teaching Assistants – Jo Martin, Donna Wren



Teacher – Mrs Hicks

Teaching Assistants – Charlotte Barnard, Rose Alves,



Teachers – Dr Mirrington and Mrs McMaster (maternity cover for Miss LeBreton)

Teaching Assistant – Janet Scott



Teacher – Miss Phillips

Teaching Assistants – Diana McNeil and Adele Drew





School Secretary – Jackie Uzzell (Mon, Thurs, Fri)

Finance Officer – Catherine Porter (Tues, Wed, Thurs)

Admin Assistant – Louise Rowland


After School Care

Mrs McNeil

Mrs Scott


Before School Care



Cook – Teresa



The following are comments from our 2019 Ofsted inspection report:

Leadership and governance are effective. Leaders have raised the quality of teaching successfully. As a result, pupils’ achievement is rising.

The curriculum is broad and balanced. It engages pupils well and develops their skills and knowledge effectively.

Pupil’s behaviour is good. Pupils support each other well when playing and learning.

Pupils enjoy a range of opportunities to take on responsibility within the wider life of the school and community. As a result they are well prepared for the next stage of their education. 

Teaching is good. Clearly planned sequences of lessons across the curriculum develops pupils’ skills and knowledge well.