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This term we’ve been learning about Superheroes and have really enjoyed the story of Supertato by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet. The children were puzzled when they discovered a crime scene in the classroom and they were keen to investigate who had captured the poor vegetables. The carrot had been stuck to the table with plasters, the broccoli was drawn on, the cucumber was wrapped up in paper and the orange, pear and tomato were trapped under a basket. After further investigation the children discovered a trail of green prints but couldn’t find the culprit……

We searched the classroom for clues using the magnifying glasses, took everyone’s fingerprints and even made our own Supertato to help. The children found lots of evidence which they noted down ready to inform the Police me we had visit. Luckily PCSO Osborn used his veggie crime knowledge and suggested the Evil Pea might have caused all the mischief.

We finally set a jelly trap like in the Supertato story and waited to see what would happen.

Could we catch the Evil Pea?